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More Features

  • Save property maps to "My Properties" list for quicker access

  • Add notes to each property map that can only be seen by you

  • Set a Target City to only see maps that are in the target city selected

  • Snap a picture of a property map and upload to database via the app

  • Contact Support via the app

  • Property Surveys - You will be able to complete surveys for properties that you deliver to. This will assist fellow drivers who also may deliver to the same properties. 

  • View Delivery Scores - Based on Survey results (1 - Not Delivery Friendly, 2 - Delivery Friendly, 3 - Very Delivery Friendly) 

  • View Apartment Features - Based on Survey results. This feature will help drivers know if an apartment has an elevator, package lockers, etc.) 

  • Search by Resident ID (ResID) - Resident Delivery Profile

  • Improved app navigation

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