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Introducing DeliverHere Residents


What is DeliverHere Residents?

DeliverHere Residents is a new feature within the DeliverHere app that is aimed at residents of apartment communities. Residents can create a delivery profile which will include: first name, address, phone, unit number, building number, unit floor, gate code, and delivery notes. Upon registering a username and password, a resident will be assigned a unique resident ID (ResID). You can copy the ResID and add it to the "delivery instructions" or "driver instructions" section on your favorite delivery company apps and/or websites. If your apartment property map is not currently available in the DeliverHere app, you can upload a copy via our website, and we will connect it to your delivery profile so delivery drivers can find your unit more efficiently.

Once shared, a delivery driver using the DeliverHere Pro app will have the ability to search using the provided ResID and view the resident’s delivery profile including the apartment property map. Residents can enable and disable their profile at any time. If disabled, the ResID is not searchable and the resident’s profile is not accessible until the resident enables profile. For additional security, we recommend that resident’s keep their profile disabled unless expecting a delivery.

Why should I register?

If you have ever experienced:

  • A delivery person calls or text you for directions to your apartment unit

  • A delivery person request that you meet them at the gate or leasing office

  • You get your delivery 10 – 15 minutes late because the delivery person had trouble finding your apartment

DeliverHere Residents aim to address your pain-points with the delivery process. Delivery drivers will benefit via the DeliverHere Pro app. Overall, the delivery experience to apartment complexes will be more efficient for residents, delivery drivers, and delivery companies.

Is my info secure?

Yes. Security was our primary concern while developing the DeliverHere Residents feature. We understand that the info in your profile is sensitive; therefore, we developed the following safeguards:

  1. If you sign out of the app, you will receive a prompt letting you know if your profile is enabled or disabled

  2. You can enable or disable your profile at any time within the app [You can enable only when you are expecting a delivery]

  3. Each time your profile is enabled or disabled, you will receive an alert

  4. When your profile is disabled, your ResID becomes unsearchable. Users of the DeliverHere Pro will receive an alert stating that the ResID/profile is disabled and cannot be accessed. Anyone with access to your unique ResID will not be able to view your profile when your profile is disabled.

What does it cost?

Nothing. DeliverHere Residents is a feature that is included in the FREE DeliverHere app.


Where can I get it?

You can download the FREE DeliverHere app via the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store and you will have access to the DeliverHere Residents feature. No need for the Pro version for residents, as the Pro version does not have the DeliverHere Residents feature.

What is required for Delivery Drivers to view my profile data?

Delivery Drivers are required to have DeliverHere Pro in order to search for a resident profile with a ResID. Delivery Drivers will rely on residents providing their unique ResID and having their profile enabled. We will be running a marketing campaign for our DeliverHere Pro app to introduce the Search by ResID feature including how it coincides with the new DeliverHere Residents feature.

What are the ways I can provide my ResID?

We are currently working with some of the well-known delivery companies to get a ResID field added to their platform. As of now, you can provide your ResID via the following methods:

  1. Copy and paste your ResID into the Delivery Instructions section of your favorite delivery sites and apps. Delivery Drivers typically check this field prior to delivery.

  2. If contacted directly by a delivery driver who is having trouble finding your apartment, you can verbally provide the ResID or send via text.

Note: The Delivery Driver would need the DeliverHere Pro app for any of these methods to be effective.

How do I disable my profile if I do not have immediate access to the app?

Contact DeliverHere Support at

How do I register my Delivery Profile?

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