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  • Is the DeliverHere App Free?
    Yes, the DeliverHere App is a FREE app available on both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.
  • How often are Property Maps added to the app?
    New Property Maps are added to our database as we receive them. There are new maps available in our database every month.
  • Can I see what Property Maps are included in the app?
    Yes! We have a dynamic list on the Properties page that allows users to select a city and view the state, zip code, and number of property maps available. We highly recommend that you check the Properties page to ensure we have property maps that cover your area.
  • How can I request new Property Maps to be added?
    You can go to our Contact Us page and complete the form by selecting "Request New Property Map" as the subject. Be sure to include the property name and address when submitting the request. Also, if you have a copy of a property map that you would like added to the DeliverHere app, navigate to the Upload Maps page to upload a copy.
  • How do I report issues with the DeliverHere app?
    We have a contact us page in the DeliverHere app. You can click on any of the links on the contact us page and you will be redirected to the contact us form on the DeliverHere website.
  • Are ads displayed in the DeliverHere app?
    No! Our clients help provide this service ad-free for the best possible user experience.

Disclaimer: The Property/Site Maps available via the DeliverHere app are obtained from multiple sources and are not owned by DeliverHere LLC. DeliverHere LLC is not responsible for the accuracy of the maps available. However, if DeliverHere LLC is notified of any inaccuracies regarding the property/site maps (related to building numbers or unit numbers), we will make an effort to edit and correct the maps.

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