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Partner Benefits
Multifamily Developers, Owners, and Property Managers

DeliverHere LLC will optimize your community property maps and upload them to the DeliverHere app. Delivery drivers, Service technicians, and visitors will be able to find units more efficiently by referencing the property maps available in the DeliverHere app.

How does this benefit you?

Green Initiatives – Eliminate hard copies of property maps which reduces printer/copier usage.

Modernization – Staff will be able to use mobile devices to easily locate units and other community buildings while conducting tours or maintenance requests.

Productivity – Fewer interruptions to office staff for individuals having trouble locating a unit.

Resident Benefits – Residents will be able to guide visitors to their units more efficiently.

Prospective Residents – Ability to view community layout including office location prior to visiting the property.

Efficiency – Emergency personnel and Law Enforcement will have access to an additional resource to assist with locating units quicker.

"The rideshare industry has given way to an influx of delivery services that bring everything from takeout to Tylenol to a user’s front door. That’s right, in addition to restaurant food delivery, startup and nationally-known brands – from Instacart to Walmart – are revolutionizing drugstore and grocery shopping with apps that allow users to have their purchases delivered. What does this mean for your multifamily property? In short, properties across the country will need to prepare for unprecedented numbers of deliveries being made to apartment communities across the U.S."

Source: MultifamilyBiz -

Delivery and Courier Companies

DeliverHere LLC provides a service that not only benefit delivery drivers, but also benefit the delivery and courier companies.


How does this benefit you?

Delivery Efficiency – Drivers who deliver to an apartment complex will be able to locate a customer’s unit quicker and more efficiently, which allows the drivers to optimize their delivery runs.


Customer Satisfaction – Customers who receive their delivery in a timely manner are more likely to be a repeat customer and recommend the delivery services to others.


Driver Satisfaction – Many drivers are less confident when delivering to apartment complexes; however, the DeliverHere app allow drivers to be more confident which can improve job satisfaction.

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